Play Patterns & Brand Awareness

Nerf is a juggernaut built on brand awareness and play patterns.

One of our impactful contributions to the success of the Nerf Brand includes the development of adaptable content which could be edited to highlight brand or play patterns dependent upon the international market’s brand awareness. 

We adjusted a product launch, putting the digital launch before the broadcast launch.  The digital launch of the product was so successful, (over 1 million views in the first day) that the broadcast launch was cancelled – saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in paid media.

Noting that design was a key differentiator of the Nerf blaster product, we brought table top photography back into the brand communication. 

Our branded content animation series, “Zombie Strike” remains the most successful non Dude Perfect digital content for Nerf and Hasbro. 

Working with Dude Perfect on launch of their eponymously branded Nerf product line was an honor.  Worked on several projects with this uber successful youtube sensation and we are glad to say that they are authentic, fun and true gentlemen and professionals. 

Here is a sample of our work, we produced hundreds of pieces of content for Nerf, let us know if you  would like to see more. 

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