About Us


Flatrock Digital is a collection of multi-tasking and passionate content creators whose connection is a mutual respect, a successful track record and the shared goal of making what’s sometimes difficult – fun – all the time.

A virtually connected team, operating through a proven workflow, with skill sets covering every aspect of video production – always – benefits creative, budget and strategy.

We listen – we adapt to need – and we execute for performance.


First, we listen…

It is important for us to understand your business, your goals, your challenges from your point of view.  Our work is always a collaborative effort, working with our clients and our team to create the best solutions. 

Then we act

Deadlines, budgets and schedules – briefs, treatments and boards – it’s not the most romantic part of the job, but it is essential if we want to be effective and successful together.

Phone: 917/217-2489

email: info@flatrockdigital.com


Flatrock Digital

114 Washington St. 

Marblehead, MA 01945

United States